WELCOME to the CPSC Competition Portal!

Looking to register for the Winter 2021 seasons? 
Click on the yellow 'REGISTER A TEAM' tab on the right to take you to sporting competition options!


  • Register your team or as an individual player into the Winter 2021 season
  • Register your teammates into the team
  • Pay only ‘your share’ of the team registration fee
  • View your upcoming draws and fixtures and ladders
  • Set reminders of your upcoming draws/fixtures
  • Use Spawtz as a team availability tool where teammates can list when they will be away or unable to make a match
  • Input your match score live at CPSC via your mobile
  • Receive updates, alerts and messages from CPSC competition staff


  • CPSC Competition Coordinators will send you reminders of upcoming payments, draw changes and news alerts via email and SMS
  • Make your teammates pay 'their share' of the rego fee! We'll do the chasing of their payments for you!
  • Teammates can list their availability for each week making it easier to see when you may need to borrow players